A heart led life

is an alive life;

A FREE life.

we invite you into our world

We work closely with you through personal mentoring

and intensive and focused work during retreats.

Personal Mentoring

Receive individual one-on-one attention from mentors

who specialize in helping you reconnect to your true self

and your heart space in a loving, kind, and patient way

L-evate Retreats

Are you ready to feel ALIVE again?

Receive focused, hands-on attention and relaxation

time with other like-minded women who are in the

same space as you are and are also seeking to improve

and progress in their lives.




Unlock Your Full Potential. Connect to your HEART


Getting to a point where love is . . .   


That is what it is all about . . .


That is where we want to be. 


Do you listen to your heart?

Are you breathing deeply and connecting to yourself?

Are you focusing on DOING or focusing on BEING?

Are you speaking and treating yourself kindly?

Connecting to your Heart Space

When was the last time you listened to your heart?

How can you kindly move forward when you have been hurt?

What is your heart saying to you?

Relationship Mentoring

Who are you?

What do you want for yourself?

Where do you see yourself being that has you in a place of happiness, peace, love and joy?

How  can you work together to create a space of love and acceptance?

Stress Management

Is your world moving faster than you can manage? 

Are you at a loss for how to balance all of the roles you have taken on?

Are you looking for guidance to find how to move forward in an environment where you create peace and understanding?

Parenting Mentoring

Do your children not listen to you?

Do you listen to and actually HEAR them?

How can you help your children improve?

What does your inner child wish to say to you?

What Is Mentoring?
Who is Mentoring For?

If you struggle recognizing what you are feeling.

If you feel the pain and want to numb out.

If you shame yourself for making mistakes and for feeling “negative” feelings.

If you look in the mirror and send disgust or disappointment.

If your motivation for being alive is disappearing.

If you find yourself comparing and coming up short.

We get you. We feel you. We are just like you.

Kami Rhoades Mitchell

Kami Rhoades Mitchell is the 3rd of 8 children. Growing up in her home facilitated her ability and confidence to shine in a way that allows and invites all around her to shine too! Kami has a love of learning- she studies from the best books, seeks to attend the best classes, and follows the path of the best mentors. This knowledge and experience, combined with her gift for teaching inspiring concepts and loving others with her whole being, are the elements that make her an effective facilitator for change.  

Kami has three healthy and happy children. Kami has presented over 900 times, created 16 personal development CD’s, and has taught their content through different conferences and speaking engagements. She was selected as the American Young Mother of Washington County, Utah, for 2013.  She is a gifted mentor, trainer, teacher, mother, friend, and most of all a student. Time spent with Kami will be full of experiences, aha’s, and laughter!

Shelby Dawn Smith

 “I am love and light. I am all about the BEing. I enjoy presenting, coaching, mentoring and retreats!”

Shelby Dawn Smith has a gift and passion for being present in the moment.  This gift enhances her ability to powerfully listen, connect heart-to-heart with others, live joyfully and authentically, and imagine and create with synergy.  She celebrates expression of the soul.   As a mentor, she utilizes her vast knowledge of personal development, experiences with connecting, and skills in creative expression, to invite others to become the very best versions of themselves. She has spent years homeschooling her children,  and contributing to The Homeschool Community by directing acting classes for hundreds of Youth. She has run a 50 mile race,  has ridden in two 100 mile bike races, bungee jumped,  starred in two full length motion pictures, is a published author and a blessed mommy of six beautiful children!


“So today was educational. I got triggered. My heart was racing, I couldn’t breathe- I went straight to anger. And you know what happened? Absolutely nothing. Not a thing! Why? Because I have grown to where it stops at my heart. It never makes it to my mouth. I was able to respond respectfully and without any drama. My gosh- life changing! Before I would have gone psycho nuts (verbally of course) on her and yet the new me was able to just breathe it in before I even thought of responding. Man! I don’t even have words other than how grateful I am! Wow! This is seriously life changing!”


“Three years ago, I was a ZOMBIE MOMMY! Mindlessly eating to numb my emotions, busily raising 6 boys, exhausted, dead inside.  Starting to realize my children did not know my personality, they only knew the mom-bot (aka “mom-robot”). Then, Kami Mitchell invited me to L-evate in 2015.  I had no idea what it was, but my heart sad, “Anything that happens in their presence will be healing!” And then… My life transformed as I was reintroduced to the precious heart of mine that, for many reasons, had been walled up and was hiding.”


“Yesterday, I experienced a great sense of loss. It was the loss over the childhood I would have had, seeing my amazing, confident daughter. She is everything I longed to be. Her childhood is beautiful and safe. She is gorgeous and whole, living like every child should. I didn’t push it or fight it. I didn’t make myself feel horrible for the longing and grief I felt. I let the tears come and held that little lost girl deep inside me. I acknowledged her. There was so much pain but so much beauty in it. I just let it be, I let myself be heard. I am learning to love all of me instead of fighting and judging every emotion. I am so grateful for what I am learning here, thank you!”


Your shadow sides are some of the sides of yourself that need the most love since they have been the most neglected. 

We can help you find the joy and see the gift in the “dark sides” of yourself.

Our focus is to help you connect to your heart and who you are choosing to BE, not simply a checklist of things that you are needing or wanting to DO



We help you connect to your heart and learn to love and accept all sides of you; Light and Dark.

Don’t Wait Any Longer. 

Shift your life today!